Like most other hobbies and pastimes, iPhone offers numerous apps for sports enthusiasts through the massive library in the AppStore. In this article, I will see some of the popular free apps within the Sports category of the AppStore.

1) NatWest 6 Nations Official App

If you are a fan of Rugby, this is certainly a necessary app if you have an iPhone. It offers complete information on the teams, players, and accessories, as well as news, results and live comments. If you cannot see one of the matches, you may use the app to stay updated with the comments whenever you have Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. Whether you are using a 3G/4G connection, then data charges can apply depending on your rate and data allowance, but if you can use a Wi-Fi connection, you can stay updated for the duration of a rugby match for free.

2) Racing Post App

Horse racing is a popular sport in the United Kingdom and many other countries, and Racing Post App offers all the information that you need to keep up with the races of the day and relevant information about horses, riders, and coaches, etc. The Racing Post app is the UK’s best-selling horse racing publication and is considered the most reliable source of information on horse racing. It offers your own advice, form, and rankings for each UK racehorse, so you can make an informed decision if you want to place a bet.

3) English Soccer Chants

You may experience similar fever inside a live football stadium for a few pounds worth of download. This amazing app gives couch potatoes the atmosphere of a live soccer game complete with hooligan chants and all that. If you think your rival friend loves the teams deserves a good digital taunt, and then send him a chant or two. In addition, you can use this app as a proxy when your throat is too painful to cheer for your team.

4) Sky Sports News

The popular television news channel now has an app that allows users to keep up with popular sporting events. These include football, Formula 1, rugby, golf, tennis, horse racing, boxing, cricket and many others. It gives news related to these events and can jump to a certain sport where just relevant information for that sport will be displayed. It provides features such as live scores, results, accessories, and leaderboards. If you subscribe to Sky TV, you can even watch Sky Sports News on your iPhone using your access data. Learn more.

5) Kick Football News Lite

This is a highly efficient app that provides its user with a wide variety of football news from various authoritative sources. Compared to the full version, Kick Football News Lite does not allow the user to filter news and updates by the club. But this is a free app, so what do you expect? Additional approval points for your embedded web browser that saves time.


With the popularity of several sporting events around the world, it is no wonder that the AppStore provides thousands of gambling apps. I have covered 5 most popular applications in this article, but if you take the time to browse the category, you will find applications related to lesser-known sports and gambling apps specific to each country and region, and official team apps.